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December 15, 2017

The Photography Project: A Greek Flea Market

Last week, «Papers Of Thought» contributor and amateur photographer Nepheli Chrysoula took upon herself to capture unique moments of people working at a flea market. Between sales and bargains, fish…

Fitness & Nutrition
December 5, 2017

HIIT Part 2: How To Develop A HIIT Workout

On my previous article, I introduced HIIT workout or High-Intensity Interval training, focusing on its basic principles, benefits, and risks. As I mentioned before HIIT, is one of the most…

December 4, 2017

November’s Glee: Films & History

November always begins with a smile on my face since on the 1st  I celebrate my name day. Since orthodoxy is the main religion in Greece, there are various saints…

November 25, 2017

Essays: How To Start Writing/Blogging

I started my first ”blog” back in 2012. A high school student who had newly founded his passion for weightlifting and nutrition. Using a simple analogy, as my body was growing,…