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In early Νovember, I started watching the internet series Houses of Cards. I instantly became a fan and started binged watching it for what looked like a week. After finishing the latest season, I realized how strong, powerful and corrupt a person despite his gender, can truly be. Frank Underwood despite the fact that he is a murderer, a psychopath, an unethical beast who will let nothing and nobody stands in his way towards his goal is an amazing anti-hero who we all can relate to.


Because at times we all want to be mad(that’s how we feel at that moment) and show it with the most precise way possible, we all want to have the power, the resources, the knowledge, the swiftness and the coolness that Kevin Spacey so beautifully expresses playing this role. And let’s not forget the badass that his wife, Claire Underwood(Robin Wright) is. Without her Frank wouldn’t be the President Of the United States. And he might as well not be in the upcoming season.

So I wanted to take the time and invite you to try and accumulate the Five key traits that I think are needed in today’s world inspired by Frank Underwood.

Keep in mind the traits and their meaning. Frank J Underwood is a fictional character. The traits are to be taken literally and your actions most certainly need to be on the right path.


Throughout the series, we really see that if a somebody sets a goal, go after it with everything he has, act like it’s already done he will most likely achieve it. Of Course, Frank takes it into another  level in the series because as I mentioned before he will stop nowhere. And that means killing and demolishing anyone who stands in his way. Don’t be a murderer but certainly be a do-er.

Depth of Thought

From the first episode when Frank decides to take his revenge on the people that did him wrong we see that even though for a couple of hours he doesn’t have an answer to how he is going to do it, we understand at the end of the episode, after careful and isolated thinking it becomes clear to him. He has created a plan, with the clarity of purpose and he will execute it. This is a pattern we see repeatedly, with Underwood being very meticulous with his thinking and course of action.


When something needs to be done, it gets done. When Frank has something to do he does everything in his power and coordinates not only himself but his staff, as well as the people that he needs help from. When in life we want to do something, we shouldn’t wait for the perfect or exact moment but we should be willing to get dirty and knock doors we didn’t have the courage to knock before. Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to be an actor. He didn’t let his accent, his muscular body stop him. He coordinated his body, his accent, his acting lessons, the people he knew and didn’t know and his persona and went on to reinvent the Action film genre and, later on, become the Governor of California.


If you have already watched the show then you will agree that Frank Underwood is one of the coolest dudes around. Not only for his style but for the way he speaks, negotiates, the way he approaches every situation, his confidence, and his impeccable groundness (he doesn’t lose his composure easily). His coldness at times is simply inspirational. Sometimes the right thing to do needs to be done. And at that moment, we need to act. No matter how cold it might be. Again I’m talking metaphorically here. Don’t take everything too literally but be ready to do the thing that needs to be done. Without killing anyone of course or causing him great harm. Sometimes we are in a toxic relationship that needs to end, or we work in a job where it’s just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and do the tough thing.Sometimes some positive selfness is all we really need. David Deida says that we should always live at our edge and just beyond it.

Keeping your loved ones close

In closing, I think the most important thing in living and doing the things you want to do is having the people you love and trust by your side. Family and friends are very crucial in a person’s life. The people that you surround yourself with, shape you and define you so be careful with your choices but give yourself fully when those choices are made. They will help you and support you one way or another. Love is the most important thing in existence and without it, we can’t live.

Frank is who he is because of 2 vital people. His Wife Claire Underwood and his friend and staff member Doug Stamper. But on the other hand, SPOILER ALERT Frank didn’t really care when he peed on his father grave, or when he threw his madness unto Claire. Oh well, we all know Frank is a selfish bastard. Don’t be like F.U.

Take what you will from the article and positively attach it to your character.




Marios Kanellos

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