Travelling is one of the most joyous activities anybody can have in a lifetime. In the past decades, with the expansion of technology and means of transport, the lowering of fees and the service quality, people from all continents can travel and journey literally all around the world easily.

It’s a magnificent perk that everybody should take full advantage of. It’s true, that with age the want and need to travel diminishes and we choose to stay in the comfort of our home. It’s a busy life and our everyday activities (work, hobbies, family etc.) occupy a big portion of our time and money.  Besides, travelling requires resources that many may not have at the moment.

These are all excuses. Moving out of the house and our comfort zones are essential if we want to expand our knowledge and accumulate experiences. It is also important in order to balance our life. A break from our daily routine is truly a gift to our routine, because only then can we come back rejuvenated with a refreshing attitude and new ideas . So no matter how old, we ought it to ourselves for the sake of our minds and bodies to set aside any excuse and travel, exploring the world as much as possible.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

― Mark Twain

Convincing somebody of the importance of travelling is one thing. Learning how to travel is another. Nobody can teach you that, but only yourself. Below you will find 8 helpful tips which offer valuable perspective and advice that you can follow on your next trip.

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Learn to Travel Alone

Travelling alone isn’t easy that’s why people usually avoid it. Many people are afraid of travelling for a variety of reasons. Some are afraid of the means of travel. They may be afraid of external circumstances like the plane falling, the train exploding or having a car crash. In addition, others are afraid of travelling alone because they are afraid of staying alone. Spending hours all by yourself is foreign to so many people who are either addicted to being with other people or being in front of a mobile device or computer that replaces silence and solitude.

Learning to travel alone will push you to do a lot of things. Firstly it will enable you to be entirely the master of yourself. That means scheduling and programming everything. Booking your tickets, being on time, researching and learning how to get from one place to another and reserving a room or having a place to stay. Apart from all that you need to pack your bags and all the important items with you. Deciding what to take with you, what’s essential and what is not, may be tricky. See tip #5.

Furthermore, travelling alone offers you more than the responsibility of your trip. If you travel alone chances are that you will meet new people and do stuff that you have never done before. It will push you to visit places and experience the trip in a different way. Most importantly travelling alone helps you get in touch with yourself. Meditate and think deeply without having constant interruptions. Building a healthy relationship with one’s self is essential in life, and travelling helps a lot. You’ll have time to process and accumulate so much and maybe realise things about yourself that you have never noticed before. The only requirement is to be energetic and not waste the time you have on uninteresting and useless things. Travel alone but do not make the trip lonely.

Don’t Travel Alone

In contrast with the above, it’s also very important that you travel with company. Trips with friends, family and companions mean that you will share the experiences with another,  create memories together, try out new things and finally see the trip from another man’s perspective.

Travelling with other people, sharing a room firstly and our personalities second with another isn’t easy especially in our age where we are used to having our own space and portray a certain persona. All these things are surpassed when travelling and you are able to be yourself and learn new things with your companions. Because of that, it is wise to adjust your behaviour, be a good sport and try to make the trip as pleasant as possible. Aside from your own attitude, make sure that who you are travelling with is pleasant company,  not a ‘character’ that will complain in every step of the way and generally cause discomfort.

Show your Manners

Leaving your routine doesn’t mean you are allowed to leave your manners behind. When travelling, it is always best to show the kind attitude towards everyone whether it is an employee or just another traveller. Trips can often include long lines, dull employees, complaining customers and generally unpleasant circumstances. Whatever you do don’t lose your cool. Being patient and polite will get you a long way and might get you better service while enabling you to be in a more relaxed state of being and furthermore have a better and more enjoyable trip.

Travel with Style

Travelling in style is crucial but it’s also hard. Striving to where a suit on a trip or having a polished look can be tricky when travelling long distances, changing the weather and countless hours of sitting on an aeroplane. Nevertheless, whatever clothes you choose to wear will create a certain mood. Dressing up gives you a sense of confidence, respect and more importantly it creates a sense of elegance that lifts the experience of the trip. Our minds feel much better when our appearance matches our experience so make sure you dress for the role (i.e. business trip, holidays, expedition trip) and dress in style.

Be a Good Packer

There are two rules about packing for a trip. Don’t over pack and be essential. First of all, over packing shows indecision and ignorance.  Indecision because you aren’t sure of what to choose so you take extra clothes that you will most likely not use. Ignorance because over packing shows that you are unaware of what every day of the trip will require as dressing goes. While it is understandable to pack for a ‘’rainy day’’ (proper preparation for proper performance), over packing is simply staff that you will not need and most likely going to end up burdening you or the person who carries it for you.

That brings me to rule number two.

Be essential. Bringing the essential doesn’t mean under packing or leaving important items out. It means that you selecting the things most needed. When preparing your travel bag makes sure to pack your outfits based on the activities you’ll have each day of the trip. In addition ensure to bring extra underwear, socks and some athletic wear. Besides that, man or woman, own and use a travel kit with all the necessary items for your trip.

Spend but Spend Correctly

To travel well you don’t need a lot of money. But to travel well and enjoy a few extra perks you’ll need to spend some extra dollars. If you are financially free that shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are working hard, trying to make ends meet and the buck isn’t strong yet don’t be discouraged. There are many ways to enjoy a good trip and a nice vacation for you and your company. You just need to have a solid plan. Saving money and being smart on your expenses is the key. Make sure to book your flight early, 4-5 months to get at a great price range. Search for great hotels and frequently check their offers, or rent Airbnb for your stay. Apart from all that every week save up some money based on your income to spend later on your trip. A fine dinner, a little more leg room on the plane or the train, a beautiful place to sleep and rest with your company are all little details that can elevate your experience. Besides all that spend your money on experiences and not things because experiences create memories and that’s what ultimately lasts.

Keep it Clean & Take Care of Yourself

Many times when we are travelling for a long time, hours after hours we forget to take care of ourselves. Don’t make this mistake no matter the nature of your trip. Keep your hygiene a priority. Shower frequently and have your travel kit with you to either brush your teeth, use some deodorant, cologne, have a fast shave and generally keep it fresh while travelling. Many trips include long hours away from a resting stop and some vigorous activity that can rob you of your health. Remember to take good care of your body. Stay on top of your nutrition and water intake. Don’t discard these important details. They are directly related to your mood, energy and well-being. The more you dismiss them the less you’ll enjoy your journey.

Bring the Knowledge

Last but certainly not least bring knowledge with you.  Information accumulation is crucial for your travels. Know your stuff, research the place you will visit and have a good idea of what to do in all situations whether want to get to the train station, a nice place you like to visit or you need to get to the hospital because you’re hurt your leg doing ski with your friends. While nobody will test you for your sightseeing knowledge it’s always positive to be informed of your destination. Moreover, don’t forget to bring a book because trips are always better when we supplement them with some find reading and keep our minds lively and busy.

In Conclusion

Travelling is the best way of taking a break from your everyday life and embracing new endeavours. It helps us rediscover our passion and realize the beauty of life, away from all the pain, stress and anxiety. Don’t let yourself be clamped into boredom and routine. Every few months try to squeeze in a trip, even if it lasts for a few days on a weekend. The importance of travelling isn’t only for sightseeing and experiencing new things. It also reflects the journey of life and our travels will always teach us something new and exciting while bringing us closer to self-awareness.  Remember our 8 tips, be prepared and have a great time.

Safe travels.


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