Another month, another article.

I hope you are all fine and haven’t forgotten me. I’m here to share with you my choices on music, books, movies and whatever entertains the human soul.
First things first, October is over and I have to admit that it was a bit hard for me to adjust to my personal routine which includes my University’s courses and my outdoor activities. However, radio is always there to keep me company. I’ve been listening to the radio since I was at the primary school and I’m used to studying while listening to it even at times of a lot of homework. I guess it keeps me concentrated when I sing along. The first radio station I ever heard of was a pirate one at my hometown and it had thrilled me to death. Turning on the radio was the first thing I was doing when arrived home. This station made me feel like I was born in a wrong generation since it made me love rock songs from the past decades. Another favorite radio station through all these years is Kiss FM, a local station in my hometown as well (Not to be confused with Athens Kiss FM).

Kiss FM exists for over 30 years and it plays rock, indie, pop music from the ‘70s till today’s hits. So, you can listen to Simple Minds- Hypnotized to Elias- Thinking Of You, for example.


October also found me with the desire to listen to specific artists. Moby is always a good idea!

He personally gets to take my mind away with his magical, rhythmical songs. So, when you just feel the need to escape I recommend listening to a playlist with the best hits of him while going for a walk or even working at your office in a more delightful way. Some of my favorite songs of him are

Moving on into the film section now, during October I watched different types of movies too. Each one has its own style and charm. They are different genres fitting different moods and tones.

Let me begin with my all-time classic movie Matilda, which I love since I was a little girl. The story is about an intelligent and very special little girl who is born into the wrong family. Despite all the trouble she’s stuck in, luck seems to be by her side at the end.


After that, there was a week of October when I felt like watching something more of American style and maybe a little bit less quality. Poison Ivy (Drew Barrymore has the leading role in this one) and Crush describes exactly the previous characteristics and have something else in common as well! In both movies, there is a young girl at college who seems to be very seductive and evil and does everything to get what she wants. These young ladies are uncontrollable and don’t hesitate to commit crimes. Nevertheless, these two films lack in good production and are quite weird in their plot.


Additionally, I finally managed to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the 5th and possibly not the last movie of this sequel. I think it’s not really necessary to express my love for Johnny Depp, but unfortunately, I have to admit that in this movie I found him a bit tiring. I firmly believe that the longer a sequel is the less exciting it becomes. Despite this, it is a good, adventurous movie with great special effects and really good actors playing in it, for instance, Javier Bardem, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush.


The last movie of this month is The Snowman which I had the pleasure to watch it at the cinema. This is a horror movie filmed in Norway and shows great images and landscapes of Oslo which look marvelous on the big screen. The plot was really surprising since there was lying a mystery behind the murders of some women and a snowman which was made out of their houses, but I can’t really say that it frightened me. It was more of an agonizing movie, but still really nice.

In closing, I shared with you, again, two big loves of mine: radio and cinema! I find myself being enriched with feelings and seduced while listening to unexpected songs on the radio or when I sit in the stands waiting for a movie to start.  If you love these feelings too, stick with me.

Until next month,
Argy S


Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Arguro Efthimiopoulou

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Arguro is a student of Translation and Interpreting in Corfu who shares her love between foreign languages, dance and acting. The island she lives in has filled her with passion for life and new adventures.

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