Hi there! I’m Sylvia or Argyro or otherwise Argy and this will be our entertainment column. Here we will talk about music that has stuck in our minds and enabled us to express our feelings, about movies, favorite books, and even theatrical parts. Of course, I need you with me on this effort! I would love it if you shared with me your opinion on my suggestions and you are always free to make up your own.

September, the month of readjustment in everyday life, of inner reorganization after all these feelings of freedom and carelessness that summer brings and of course the welcoming of the autumn vibes. For the majority of people, autumn is linked to rain, cuddling while watching movies or series, as a chance to get away from any responsibilities or university for example (intended for University students). Given the above-described situation, the ideal music would rather be smoother, possibly in light electro sounds or even blues.

However, I’m not going to suggest that type of music right now. Being deeply influenced by my favorite bars in Corfu where I live, R&B dominates! Of course, this might not seem peculiar to you, but for a rock girl like myself, it sure is.

Drake and Missy Elliott are played nonstop. The first one won my heart with his songs Passionfruit, Controlla, Signs, One Dance and Too Good because of their lyrics which showed a totally different profile of him, while the second one spoke to my inner dancing rhythm with the songs Work it, Get Ur Freak On, Ching a Ling and One Minute Man.

A few similar songs are:

  • Kanye West – Fade
  • French Montana feat Swae Lee – Unforgettable
  • Migos feat Gucci Mane – Slippery
  • Asap Rocky feat Lana Del Rey – Ridin
  • Kendrick Lamar feat Rihanna – Loyalty (which I suggest being listened loudly for better decompression).

Last but not least, I recommend a few more electro songs I found out during this period:


That’s all about music for September! Now, what about movies? In just ten days, I watched four movies which I should have done much sooner, but I guess as the saying goes, it’s never too late.

The first one is The Reader in which Kate Winslet gives one of her best performances and is rightfully awarded an Academy Award for Best Actress. Undoubtedly, a movie full of emotions!

Basic Instinct was the next one I watched and I suppose that you’ve all heard about the stunning performance of Sharon Stone which made this movie very popular. Despite this fact, of course, Basic Instinct has a very intelligent and full of allusions scenario.

Kate Winslet has also the leading role in the third movie of this month with the name Little Children. This movie provoked mixed feelings to me concerning the choices we make in life and the several social stereotypes of it.

Inferno was the last movie of September and I must admit that it didn’t quite satisfy me although Tom Hanks’ performance was exquisite, as always. Still a good movie to watch.

All the above are nothing more than just my personal opinions, preferences and suggestions. This is a new effort to introduce something different on the site and we definitely need your reactions to see if it works!

Don’t let me wait too long. I’ll be back soon!



Header Image: Eric Nopanen

Audio Image: Egor Khomiakov

Film Image: Timothy Eberly



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