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We all have been there. Through various educational tiers. Many of us still are, having to take tests for the winter semester this month. The weeks leading up to the Finals can be very tiring, stressful, and leave you feeling like a mess. I know that first hand even though I changed my mindset and finally started loving tests and finals after my last grade at highschool.

So let’s begin with a few tips that helped me and still do, approach the exams no matter how easy or tough they are.

The 5 P’s

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. No matter what you want to do  in life, proper preparation is vital for your action taking.Tests and the whole Finals week are very good examples of how proper preparation can lead to  great results and keep you away from an all nighter, sleepless nights and anxiety episodes. Of course there will always be situations which we can’t control. Here comes into play having a strong and well-built character.



Making a schedule and sticking to it, is a must.Weeks prior to your tests make an action-plan.I always create a program, including the dates that i’m having my tests and arranging the days that i’m gonna study and the particular lesson that i’ll be focusing on. Some times we can’t have everything work perfectly around the clock but we must optimize our time the best way possible.


Good Nutrition and Rest

When i was in highschool preparing for my Finals (the ones that got me to the university that i wanted) i remember very fontly of this one story a teacher was telling us, where a girl hadn’t eaten for 2 days. The day we were about to start with our first exam, she, with the combination of stress, fatigue, and quite frankly starvation  passed out and missed the first day of the tests. She was devastated.

I’m a big advocate of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and good sleep. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I don’t keep up with my core values but 95% of the time I do. When  preparing for something important in your life, in this case the exams, make sure you treat your body and my mind with proper nutrition, calorie dense foods, a coffee here and there to wake you up, and a good night’s sleep.Make sure you eat your breakfast, have a cup of tea/coffee, eat your lunch and dinner and throw in a couple of snacks..



When we are focused on a goal often times we lose the bigger picture. Going through something is not so much about the end result but who you become through that journey. When you are having your exams make sure you find time, for the things that you love and keep you sane, such as working out, doing your hobbies or meeting with your friends. Being focused on something is great but we need to keep other things in our life aswell that rejuvenate us and makes us push harder in that mission. Make sure your have clarity of purpose, study hard, and often enough find time to do the things that have absolutely no relation to it.


Stop Checking Your Social Media

I’ll be the first to admit that I check my phone too much. There isn’t anything to say here just stop wasting time on your facebook, Instagram, twitter every 2 minutes and focus on the task at hand.



In anything, we do in life our level of confidence can either break us or make us. I make my self very clear when I want something and how I’m gonna achieve it. I’m confident in my course of action. Same goes with studying and taking tests. I’m confident in my results and how I will do. Of course, you will be stressed out and afraid that you might fail that that’s all natural. We are made like that. You become even stronger when your embrace the struggle and move forward with confidence. One thing that has worked with my confidence about my exam results is, I always write down my lessons, I schedule my time and how I’m going to approach every single one of them and then write down the grade that I believe the grader will put on my exam.And I study towards that grade.


Finals aren’t the end of the world

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we thought they would. We find many hardships,our schedule didn’t go as planned,the lessons where very hard, the questions here even harder,we didn’t have the capacity or will to study so the-the Final’s week was a disaster. It’s ok friends. It’s not the end of the world. You pick your pieces up, you learn from your mistakes and you make sure your improve a lot next time around.


Work Hard

Last but certainly not least is Working Hard. Nothing speaks louder than working and in this case studying hard. Studying hard will produce the desire end result and you will reap the benefits of all these hours reading down to a book, making notes, memorizing questions and answers, going to the library to have perfect silence and missing out on other things. Our focus will always determinate the road we will walk in. It really boils down to how much you want something and how much you are willing to sacrifise,of your time and energy for something. And trust me if you are at the university of your choice, put in the time and effort for your lessons and exams. It will make a better you and make your vocation worthy.

Here is a LITTLE tip from Time Magazine:


Verify the details

Each college and university arranges its finals week differently. This means that your final for organic chemistry may be scheduled at your usual class time — or it may be scheduled on a different day and hour. Be absolutely sure that you know when (and where) your finals will be held. Scrambling to find this information on the day of an exam will only serve to increase your nervousness. 



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