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Economic Crisis in Greece

Economic Crisis stroke Greece in 2008 while the effects started showing heavily at the end of 2009. The fun part of the whole situation is that the finance minister at the time reassured the Greek citizens that the crisis would pass with ease and will be done by 2010.

In truth, the whole Crisis has been a slow process, with signs all around the globe tracing even back to the Greek Stockmarket Crisis of 1999.

I’m a young Greek Citizen.

My family is a middle-class family. In the years before 2008, we lived a comfortable life, mainly because my parents made safe and smart economic decisions. After the crisis, as all Greek families, we had economic difficulties.

Thankfully my parents never invested in the stock market bubble or made any high-risk decisions so they didn’t lose money. (While high-risk is vital if you want to make a lot of money). But since they are civil servants they got their salary cut. Still we are doing ok. That cannot be said for million of families around the world.

In recent years, and as the needs grew, with me and my brother being university and master students respectively, having to live on our own, we have learned the hard way how to handle and control our expenses, what are the best ways to spend our money, and sometimes having to think again and again about something we would like to buy or waste 10 euros on.

Since I was 12, I felt the economic adversity our society and the whole world felt.

Some with a higher cost having to lose their houses, their jobs, their belongings.

Some of them had it coming.


Because of the economically illogical openings, the no-research, no-knowledge stock market investments and the abundance of loans our banks so easily gave to the greek citizens.

The bubble was there. If you have seen Big Short earlier this year you have a pretty good idea of what happened. People just didn’t care enough to realize it. And those who did were laughed at.

Besides Capitalism breeds economic crises in order to survive and thrive.


Everything is ruled by Attitude towards a situation


Every situation in life is labeled as Good or Bad depending on our attitude/response to it. The way we react or overreact to something plays a key role in the people we become and the decisions we tend to make.

A man who made 10.000 dollars and doesn’t smartly invest some of it in order to create more revenue, is doomed to fail economically.

In short, I believe that economic adversity is a big gift to anyone if only he/she makes smart decisions, plays the cards right and has a positive mentality towards the situation. And I will explain what I mean in three simple points

Economic Adversity can:

  • Fuel your Fire, The Ambition. The wolf climbing the hill is hungrier than the wolf on top of the hill. The people who’ve known economic struggles tend to be more hard-working , driven employees. They will want to work harder, earlier, smarter and learn how to make money, create their own business and have a better life for their family. ”The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is a great example of a man who at a point in his life had 7 dollars in his name and went on to make millions.
  • Understanding the importance of political and economic knowledge and constant information. Studies have shown that people who value and chase knowledge and constant information do better than people who have no profound interest in these areas. While there are always exceptions to the rules, the soldier best prepared survives the war. You ought to learn how the economy and the market works in our system and gain constant information on these subjects.
  • Learning the true value of things. At the end of the day, money isn’t everything. While they partly bring happiness with materialistic abundance, they can never replace true happiness which is doing the thing you love, having the people you love healthy and in your life. In essence living the life you want to live on your terms and being ok with the person, you are. It all puts money into perspective. You learn to value their existence and their usage while at the same time making them work for you and not the other way around.


In Conclusion

Economic Crises has affected and are still affecting the whole world. The effects are both positive and negative. While many are dying from hunger, sleeping on the pavement, a usual view in the center streets of Athens, others make more money than before. One must come to realize that a change in life comes with a change in attitude. If you want to make money you got to adjust, study and educate yourself, cut out things that don’t benefit you. You can then hunt your dream job either in a company or on your own business. If you are not wealthy you’ll need to either save up for your entrepreneurship or find somebody to invest in your idea.

If you are willing to learn, to work hard, to be patient and to be relentless you will be rich.

Firstly in character than in money.

The same rule applies to anything in life. Anything you want to accomplish, following this pattern will get you there.

If you are read these all the way to the end, know this:

I know and you know tough times. We know how they feel. Probably we both have watched people beg for money. We know people, friends of ours go from wealthy to poor and lose their minds. I have witnessed what it feels to be anxious about money. About living your life with little comfort and always thinking of what if’s. I and my friends are part of this generation.

But Ι think we are truly lucky.

If we handle it efficiently no matter the country we live in, we will become better people and stronger individuals.

So be relentless my friend, be patient, endure the pain and the struggle.

That is the only way to ascend.


Marios Kanellos

Author Marios Kanellos

Marios holds a degree in Political Science & History. He is also a certified NASM CPT & CES AND FMS Level 1 Coach. His personal study is primarily focused on health, exercise, spirituality, and business with soul.

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