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This is week 1 of the article series around How To Eat Depending On Your Goals. If you missed the previous article containing the introduction you can check it right here

In this week’s article, I’m going over the things you ought to eat in order to live a Healthy Lifestyle by Eating Healthy.


Nothing Works Unless You do

As I have said before no nutrition or diet plan works unless you do and that goes for anything in life. So if you want to become healthy, cleanse your body of fat and feel better about yourself you need to make a few sacrifices.

Always keep in mind that for a beginner this program may be tough to go through but with time I believe that anyone can become his own best doctor in a certain extend. Eating how you like, training accordingly and doing all the things you need to do in order to be in line with your body and spirit.

With that being said, let’s get to it.


Definition of Healthy Lifestyle

As far as any definition goes when it meets our own personal experience and is not a generally applied law of physics, it needs to have a personal view of the subject as where are a general view. So to me, healthy eating is being able to create a foundation around healthy foods with sometimes exceptions of eating some more fat and no so clean food as well as having a booze sometimes inside a month of a time period you choose. All in moderation even moderation I always say. Balance is Key. But you can’t see results with being moderate so for a period of at least 2 months you need to eat healthy and right  if your current state is that of eating bad and unhealthy foods.

What Foods To Focus

  • Water: I can’t stretch that enough. Drink as much water as possible and you will clean your system, lose weight, hydrate your body, think better and so many in numerous benefits.
  • Vegetables, Greens. Simple it’s good for you. Eat it.
  • Fruits. As I mention extensively below fruits as healthy sugars are vital to a healthy eating lifestyle. Plus Vitamins
  • Meats. Balance is key. I don’t believe going vegan in the healthiest choice. Eat your steak for iron and protein, your beef, your bison.
  • Fish: Best fatty acids. Omega 3’s. Lots of proteins and minerals.
  • Nuts & Seeds and Olive Oil: Healthiest fatty acids and extremely good for our health and our hormones.
  • Dairy: With caution especially for those who are lactose and dairy intolerant but it’s good protein and fat sources plus in moderation cause no harm.


Can I Eat Sugar?

When choosing to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle you must understand the principle of cutting unnecessary foods out. That includes artificial sweeteners, sugar, and sports drinks as well as chocolate cakes, pies, and any amazingly sweet foods. In the beginning of this route especially if your current nutrition is bad, you will need to cleanse yourself from these kinds of food for a period in order to stabilize your system and let your body adapt. Understand that sugar is not needed. Sugar cravings are very well connected with the sleep deficiency, previous nutrition choices, and hormones. You can eat very well eat sugar that is contained inside fruits like:

  • bananas
  • apples
  • pears
  • strawberries
  • berries
  • pineapple
  • oranges & natural orange juice

Other healthy alternatives are black chocolate, or some stevia and of course honey. Make sure you get enough complex carbs ,which essentially are sugars, such as pasta, potatoes, rice that will dramatically decrease your need for unhealthy sugars.


When following a nutrition program, or a diet it is always good to exercise. I always invite people to train and have written articles like this in order to feature variables choices and different types of training that people can choose from in order to actually get in touch with their bodies.

But to follow a healthy eating/lifestyle you don’t necessary need to train. It will help as far burning calories, toning and shaping your body, getting leaner, or bigger, getting stronger, and actually smarter and more focused.

No matter what, make sure you focus on the nutrition part either way.

Mood And Energy

When changing to healthier alternatives and in reality changing the way you feed your body in the beginning you might experience some mood and energy fluctuations. That’s probably because

A: Your body is using different forms of energy and reacts to new foods. Eating healthier meats, or more greens while staying away from fries and hamburgers.

B: Sugar affects our mood and energy. Eating lots of it is going to give you sudden peaks and troughs in the amount of glucose in your blood resulting in very high energy and change in behavior once sugar is in and once is of our body. You can read a fascinating article about sugar and it’s linked to depression right here

With time and experience while your diet has set in and you become accustomed to this type of eating your mood will stabilize for good, feeling better and more rejuvenated every single day while your energy levels will be very high and healthy throughout the day. You might to even drop that coffee cause you don’t need it anymore.



As I mentioned in the previous article of the series sleep is very much essential in any function of your body and brain. From your muscle, nervous, emotional, hormonal system all the way to your mood, appetite, and energy. You might eat better and start making and cooking healthy but you got to sleep at least 6-8 hours to see results.

You got to live a balanced lifestyle before living a healthy lifestyle.

So don’t listen to all that hustle gurus and motivational speakers. Cause as motivating this is, it’s highly unhealthy. Unless you are at the bottom with no money and you desperately need to hustle than prioritize a good night’s sleep and rest your body. Allow it to replenish and enhance its system.


In Closure

Nothing will be achieved in life unless you act on it. Work to improve and become better. Living a healthy lifestyle can be different from person to person all depending on the mind and body of the individual. But there are general rules in order to define a healthy eating lifestyle. Furthermore clean and fresh food should be a priority while staying away from bad sugars most of the time. Exercise is a plus if you decide to train but as this article focuses on the nutrition part of things that what you need to do as well. Finally, mood and energy may differentiate from the past but it will come to improve and empower you with benefits.Don’t ever forget good rest and sleep because without it, we are all closer to health degeneration and the zombie apocalypse.





Marios Kanellos

Author Marios Kanellos

Marios holds a degree in Political Science & History. He is also a certified NASM CPT & CES AND FMS Level 1 Coach. His personal study is primarily focused on health, exercise, spirituality, and business with soul.

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