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My brother and I have recently watched ”Creed”, a great film which is part of the ’’Rocky’’ movie series. ”Creed” offers many valuable and timeless lessons about life, through the personal and intertwined stories of its main characters’. A great story, be that a book, a movie or anything else is one that teaches us something about ourselves and motivates us to keep moving forward(no pun intended). I would like to analyze some of the lessons that this movie offers. These are the ones I found to be the most important ones, but not necessarily the only ones.

Adonis is the son of the late Apollo Creed and his mistress. Adonis never knew his father and for a while was going from one foster family to another. Finally, Apollo’s wife takes him as her own son and so Adonis gets a chance in life. Fast forward to the present and Adonis is a young man frustrated with his life’s path and very angry. Unsatisfied with his life he quits a nice job to follow his dream of becoming a boxer. He moves to Philadelphia in hopes of training with his father’s friend Rocky Balboa. And this is where his true journey begins.


Following one’s own path and dream in life is of paramount importance

Adonis has pretty much anything one could want in life. A good job, money and all these while he is young. But he is restless. The reason being that he does not fulfill his destiny, in his case becoming a professional boxer, like his father before him. Most of life’s problems are rooted in our inability to follow the path that we know is right for us. We get comfortable in our lives, or are afraid of failure or for whatever reason we do not become who we really are. That is a one way ticket to misery. Adonis realizes that and decides to take action.

Every person, especially a man, needs a mentor

Adonis struggles internally. He has a mother that loves him very much and tries to help in any way she sees fit, but a mother can help so much. Men need the company and mentoring of other (older especially) men in order to grow. As author Robert Bly notes in his book ‘’Iron John’’, modern men are raised by women. That creates an imbalance. The same applies to women. Women need other women. Adonis is angry and lost because he never had his father’s presence and guidance in the ring or in life. A very powerful moment in the movie was the one where Adonis watches his father’s bout against Rocky and shadow boxes mirroring his moves on the screen. He needs someone to help him, to guide him. That’s Rocky Balboa. If you haven’t one you should find your Rocky.

Time Is Of Essence

All athletes have a finite time to achieve what they aim for. Their prime lasts for a short period in their careers. What we seem to forget is that the time available to us to make things happen in life is finite. And that’s the case for every single one of us. It might not be a couple of years but that is precisely the trap we get caught in. We tend to believe that we have all the time in the world. But time is a commodity. The most precious one actually. People seem to realize this only when it’s lacking. An example is situations like Bianca’s (Adonis’ girlfriend), who is a singer and a producer with a degenerative hearing loss problem. That means she will eventually lose her hearing, one of the most important tools in her music career. It’s a race against time for the both of them. It’s a race against time for all of us. We are not immortal…


A good partner can help tremendously

Adonis has Bianca. She offers love, affection and support to him. Rocky had Adrian and together they faced everything that came their way. A good partner is very important. Someone you can trust and lean on in a difficult time. Find yours and be very picky.


Some fights you have to fight alone

As much as a great partner may have to offer there are some fights one has to fight alone. Adonis, after learning about Rocky’s health problem, creates trouble backstage in one of Bianca’s shows. This leads to a parting between the two of them. I believe that the director and screenwriter had Bianca not forgiving Adonis about his behavior so that he can face his final battle alone, as he should. We tend to transfer our burdens to our partners sometimes or run to them for help. But there are times one must face life’s obstacles alone because that is one’s own personal task and none other could or should undertake it.



Acceptance of one’s family legacy and roots is the way forward

Adonis finds it hard to accept his father and is very skeptical about using his father’s name. That is in part because he wants to be judged on his own merits but that’s not the only reason. That anger for a man that he feels left him, even if he did so unintentionally, keeps him from accepting the past and where he comes from. We do not choose our parents or the conditions to which we are born in but we can choose to accept them and that acceptance can propel us forward.



Letting go is healing

Adonis is caught in the past. This is a past he cannot accept. His anger is directed towards his father for being absent. But his father is not there to respond. So he finds himself in a dead end. Our western civilization tends to support confronting things in order to get past them, but some problems or situations need not be tackled but instead being let go. Accept and let go of the things you cannot change, it’s healing.


‘’Creed’’ is a solid movie. I found many parallels between this film and the original ‘’Rocky’’. Not just in the underdog who gets an unlikely chance to show what he is made of side of the story (that is just to get things moving). The original ‘’Rocky’’ was more about the inner struggle of the main character. That’s why in ‘’Rocky’’ the bout between the two opponents in the end, is only a couple of minutes long. Of course ‘’Creed’’ is more action-packed. It’s 2016… It’s not meaningless action though. Both movies are about the journey of the main character and not so much about the destination. It’s an important observation this one. We live in a goal-oriented society. We like things to happen fast, just like Adonis rushes to fight. One should recognize though, that patience and appreciation of the journey towards a goal are equally important elements. Without the journey the goal loses its appeal and meaning. Imagine getting a university degree as a gift. How much would that degree mean to you? Imagine instead busting your ass to get the same degree. Then, it would mean the world to you. The journey makes the destination worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to embark on hard and dangerous voyages. Do what you are destined to do. That’s what ‘’Creed’’ is all about.

Dimitris Kanellos

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