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In the last 10 years, social media have been dominating our everyday life. After the founding of Facebook in 2004 many social media platforms have risen but only the most powerful and influential were able to survive in the long run.  Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest are just a few of the most popular media, that have given people the ability to communicate with each other, reach out to their loved ones all at the same time of  sharing their opinions, their ideas and their work.

Still, there are people, who even though they might be users in one or more of those platforms, insist that social media are making people alienated and narcissistic while tearing our social values apart and creating human beings obsessed with their internet persona and their profile analytics.

It is absurd to bypass this point of view as it is partially true. People have changed after social media inserted into our lives in the past few years. Some people are obsessed with their self-image and the persona they have created on the social media platforms caring only when they will post something new not paying attention to quality and value. At the same time, social interactions, like dating, vary much more than in the beginning of the century. People use online messaging more and the usage of actual conversation made via phone is decreased.

The world is shifting. Technology is here to stay. Trying to deny change is like trying to deny evolution and the further development of the human race. It’s true that some social media actions might seem petty and quite useless. However, everything in this world has a purpose and in this case, by using the above antithesis, we are able to understand what is important in social media.

We are very different than our past generations. The children born in the next 20 years will be brought up in a remarkably different society than their grandfathers, with technology expanding in great rate, telephones transforming in multi-task devices all the while social, ideological and mental boundaries broken every day.

All these things are alright. They do not mean that we have stopped being social individuals. It simply means that our society is changing. Many people are afraid of change, but instead of focusing on the negative produced by the usage of social media let’s focus on the beneficial side, especially unto how they allow us to become creators, express our passions and ideas, build businesses and finally show our artwork to the world.


Social Media: Means Of Expression

Social media are one of the greatest if not the greatest way,in the history of social interaction, to express your work and become a creator, an artist of sorts. Certainly, some people will feel obligated to oppose this statement. These are possibly the same people that regarded social media platforms, just another silly way for 14-year olds to send emojis and spend their time chatting with their friends, missing out on the importance of the web. In this growth period, you can build an entire online business simply by using social media marketing skills.

Τhe internet in whole is offering us opportunities to expand and create something not only for ourselves but for others as well. The means to do this are those applications installed in millions of phones.

In order to understand the above, it is preferable to use more specific terms and examples.


Social media like Youtube, Vimeo, Vine are offering people, the opportunity, and the audience to try out their ideas and abilities and create videos. Some of them might become successful video creators while other might decide that this is not an area where they would like to focus on. In addition existing, filmmakers are lately focusing more on these platforms, notably creating projects just so they can upload them for a standard but growing audience. A good example is, filmmaker Casey Neistat, who had a successful HBO show called The Neistat Brothers and many film distinctions, that decided to switch his focus mainly on Youtube becoming one of the most well-known creators on the platform with millions of subscribers primarily because of his fascinating daily vlogs, short movies, and authentic personality.


After the launch of Instagram, Tumblr and most recently Snapchat, people were given the opportunity to try out their abilities as photographers. In general, all of us are average photographers, and with these applications, we have the tools to take better pictures and maybe build on a talent that we never knew we had. Many successful photographers who had their start from using these social media platforms went on to become sensational artists. At the same time, many renowned photographers like @paulnicklen are understanding the importance of those communities and shift their focus more and more on providing users with their artwork.


The creation of art is difficult no matter what category you choose to aim your attention on. Music is maybe the hardest form of art because, while it is connected with one of our most common senses, at the same time it’s one that most people have the hardest time of grasping. Sound is not easy to understand without connecting with our vision so it takes real talent to create meaningful music tracks. With platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Musical.ly and of course Youtube, aspiring musicians have the ability to not only try their skills but also share their passion for music and make their choice to focus all their energy and creativity on making music as their life’s work.


While writing is one of the most influential types, it’s also one that many people dismiss when they think of The Arts. Any category of artistic linguistic expression, whether that it is, literature, poetry, drama, creative writing, folktale, book writing, comics or simply article writing, is able on our day and age to be expressed and shared with millions of people using platforms like WordPress, BloggerWriters-NetworkWe Like to Write, TumblrPostagon and many others. Writers have a direct outlet now which is better than ever before, to show the world their work using the Internet and the social media platforms. This applies both to aspiring writers as well as professionals.

Painting, Dancing, Architecture and more

With all the above mentioned, arts like painting, drawing, dancing, architecture, sculpture and such, also have the tools to be shared with the world and specific audiences in this plethora of social media platforms either in a visual or auditory format. Some worthy examples are @dmeek and @carloscopertone who are only two of many architects that use platforms like Instagram to showcased their work. YAKfilms are doing a fine job of bringing the world of dancing into our screens using Youtube while @clareelsaesser shows us her paintings via Instagram.


In Conclusion

The whole thesis of this article is:

People tend to become more when they have the means to be more.

In today’s world, the Internet and more specifically social media are the means. Means for more exposure, expression, and freedom. Social Media are becoming more important by the day. This might stop in the next decade or might proceed to expand even further. We can only speculate but at the same time understand the opportunity that is given to all of us, no matter our age, to showcase our work and be inspired by others’ work in order to pursue our own passions and dreams.

There will always be people opposing these kinds of facts, as these characters exist in all areas of life. The fact that they cannot go against is that social media, no matter the negative byproducts, give the chance to everybody to inspire motivate and exhibit their self and their work for the world to see. The result cannot be certain. It shouldn’t. Art is never certain but speaks to the soul, not the mind.

By engaging in these social media platforms and having the courage to expose passions is, in fact, a way of engaging in art and when we make and share our own quality films, pictures, articles and music we create artwork.





Marios Kanellos

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