Our Story

The Beginning

Papers Of Thought was created on January 31st, 2017

Ever since the launch of the website, the goal of our team is to inspire and help people improve. It is our belief that a person's self-development is crucial not only on an individual level but most importantly on a greater level for the betterment of the people that surround each and every one of us all around the world.

Our Vision

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

We hope to share our experiences and knowledge with you, the engager, the reader, the viewer, the friend in order to mold and create strong characters, while paving the road to discovering our full potential and delve deeper into who we are, ultimately reaching self-awareness. This is a two-way street, one that shapes not only the one reading the opinions expressed on this website but the one who expresses those opinions or better yet these papers of thought.

While this might be an unrealistic vision, we keep pursuing it every single day by exploring the world around us. Internally and externally. That is why our content varies and fuses into an uncanny form, mixing thematologies like physicality, training & nutrition, politics & economy, philosophy & psychology, style & the arts, book & stories. Of course, we don't possess the credentials nor the will, at least in most of the above matters to label ourselves as experts and teachers. Our purpose entails the expression of our thoughts and ideas in different pieces of content that somebody may find interesting and helpful.

In closing, our invitation to you is to join us and be an essential element of Papers Of Thought in the best way you can.

That is why we believe that life is:

«A Never Ending Quest For Improvement»

We Strive For

Multi-Form Storytelling

Given the plethora of creative platforms, we aspire to express our ideas in all the available mediums including articles, video, audio, and photography.

Content Quality

In a world that focuses on quantity, we choose to focus on crafting high quality content.

Spreading Experience

Apart from knowledge and ideas, sharing our experiences is essential to helping others become stronger in ways they can relate and learn from.

Theme Variety

Our niche is one of variety. One can never improve wholly if he only centers his attention in one part of his life. That's why we commit on expressing our thoughts on many different thematologies.

Aesthetic Mediums

Everything we do, we want it to be eye-pleasing. Nothing in Papers Of Thought dilutes from aesthetics.

Community Creation

None of the above can happen if our members don't have a strong sense of belief in teamwork and effort, aspiring to form a community of people that shares ideas and experiences inspiring one another to become better. That's is our aim here in Papers Of Thought.

Let's Start Improving, Together

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