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1. The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or future success

2. The possibility that something might happen or result from given conditions


Potential. A word with a deep meaning that haunted me since I was a kid.

Growing up, I watched a lot of movies like Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, played a lot of video games like Prince Of Persia and watched a lot of cartoon and anime like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and many of the same kind. Don’t make the mistake that I stopped being a fan because I got older.


In truth, I became an even bigger fan because I understood why I was so obsessed with all these things. In one way or another, they portray the Hero’s Journey which I have discussed in an older article.

The Hero/es of each genre all go through their personal journey, stumbling upon a lot of difficulties and going through hardships in the midst of all where they grow and become better, stronger and smarter. In the end, they achieve their goals and fulfill their POTENTIAL.

Ever since I remember myself I wanted to be great, leave a legacy, that’s why I always identified myself with characters like Achilles in Troy or Aragorn in Lord of The Rings.

That is the reason why every time I hear or think of Potential I enter a stage of Awe and get focused and motivated.

  • The abilities we all have.
  • The possibilities we can grasp.
  • The things we can achieve if we act and work very, very hard.
  • The fruits of our hard work which we can finally taste.

And the most important.

  • The people we become when our potential is realized.

Untapped Potential in All of Us

I’m a man that believes that we all have amazing potential inside of us. All of us.

I’m a man that believes in no limits as well. I believe in the Law but I believe that human beings have no limits into what they can achieve. How fast they can run, how expanded their consciousness can be, how much we can achieve in any field.

That is the reason why I strive every single day to become better whether that is my fitness, my health, my relationships, my mental state, my knowledge, mastery, and consciousness.

Potential is what made me create The Flow and spread empowerment around the world.

So why, despite all this potential, human beings have, we live in a world that has more people looking down at the pavement then at the sky? People who are miserable and sad? Depressed and angry?

Because of 2 Key Elements.

  1. Fear: Fear is needed to live but fear is there to be surpassed and help us become stronger. People have being conditioned to put fear beyond their abilities and aspirations. That’s why we have more fearful people than ever before. They create excuses, fail to start or continue with their goals, they listen to they naysayers and value Fear over Courage.
  2. Mindset: In direct connection to fear, there are many who are so caught up in the two spectrumes of either fearful or cocky approach in life. Understand. Neither of them goes very far. A cocky person might go further but may end up suffering a whole lot more than a fearful person who lives safely and with caution, suffering from not chasing his dreams. What’s needed, is a middle approach of a courageous person who knows that the secret to success is creating an ideal mindset, proper planning, and precise action.


Why do some people succeed and live up to their potential?


When I was 15 years old, I told my friends that I will get into fitness and health and create an amazing body in musculature, aesthetics, and strength. At the time they laughed at me.

Years later they questioned my natural status and thought that I must be on something to be that strong and have a physique like that. That is just a mere example one of many in a broader spectrum of things.

People who don’t have a vision, that never question the impossible are destined to live a mediocre life. Negative energy and doubters are needed. It’s a part of life and it is the way nature works. We need both positive and negative.

So what is the trick, and how do people succeed and achieve their goals in life?

Well, there is no trick. There are patterns and things, successful people do in order to realize their potential:

  • Surpassing Fear: When you want to achieve something you need to let go of your fears. To be courageous. Let go of the fear of failure or success. Let go of what if and what if not? Just relax and if you want it bad enough you will never let fear stand in your way.
  • Vision: The most common thing for people to embark on a goal-oriented journey is they have a vision for what they want to accomplish and what they want to have happened to them. The situations, the lifestyle they aspire to have and the traits they want to accumulate. People who pass that stage, who are not mere visionaries are the people who are willing to follow the next step.
  • Hard work: We all can have great dreams, goals of fame and money of pleasure and solitude but one must understand that without hard work we can’t make our vision and goals become a reality. But hard work isn’t only for the sunny days. Sometimes our most defining moments happen when we put in the work anyway. Whether you feel like it or not.
  • Doing it anyway: Sometimes you are bored, you are sick, you don’t feel like it, you’d prefer to just sleep or go out with your buddies. Sometimes you have to respect to what you body tells you. But most of the times you have to cut the bullshit and put in the work whether you feel like it or not. I don’t always love writing articles, nor do I believe that everything I write is awesome. As long as I do my best at any given time I post it. I do it anyway.
  • Turning Negative into Positive: Every person who is onto something oughts to have doubters and external negative energy. People who will go the extra mile and end up achieving their goals are the people who turned that negative energy into positive energy. It’s when the naysayers told a overweight woman she would never get fit and she went on to take those comments and turn them into fire on her way to becoming the best version of herself.
  • Law of Attraction-Luck: If you ever succeeded in anything you know that success breeds more success. That’s why often times people who are successful are viewed as lucky. Whoever believes that luck is not something that comes naturally to somebody, doesn’t understand the law of attraction. The Secret highlighted the Law of Attraction but in a very full of bullshit way. People who achieve something take that series of steps, apply it to another domain, make the necessary changes and become successful in another area aswell. Not all of them do, but those who apply it best.


In Conclusion


In closing, I will leave you with this.

We are all going to die.

What do you want your legacy to be about? Not necessarily about the money you made or the fame you had but mainly for the person you became. Don’t you want to be satisfied with the man/woman you grew up to be? With the people you connected, with the goals you achieved, the dreams you realized?

Legacy should be enough motivation.

Don’t let your god-given potential go to waste. Find out your goal, create a plan, work hard through hardships and never let naysayers get the best of you. Then you will be fulfilled.


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