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 “Perhaps the first thing I learned about style was that if something makes you feel good, chances are you look good,”

Remo Ruffini 

Dressing for the Role: Your look at Different Times.


As I said earlier in the previous article your clothes are your weapon,your armor to this world. So I believe,and that’s  just a plain observation,that every cloth has its purpose.Of course, I’m not telling you something you don’t know. You just can’t wear Nikes at a black & tie event.
When doing an activity such as playing a sport you need clothes that will make you move easily and fast. Athletes know that what you wear and not wear in many cases improves  your performance. But it’s not just that. Wearing something, in particular, makes you change from one role to another. I personally change an attitude when I wear my gym clothes. I know before going to the gym that I will be training so I’m focused on that. Wearing the right thing,at the right time has a huge impact on who you present yourself to be and how you feel. So when you train for your sport or train, in general, you want clothes as sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts and good shoes that will support you.



Casual is a term to describe just that. The casualty of your clothing. You wear clothes that are simple yet stylish and laid back. Not all people know that dressing casual doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the same clothes every day or putting on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You can have a better casual look with a nice pair of jeans, some cool boots, a nice henley and a jacket. It’s simple, it’s efficient and it’s stylish.
Dressing semi-casual now for me is being able to spice things up a little bit. You can wear some cool boots or a pair of polo, Lacoste etc shoes. Then a pair of nice chinos or some dark washed jeans. Matching all this with a nice fitted casual shirt or even dress shirt. If you want to take it a step further you can wear a nice sports jacket or a blazer. It’s all about variety and color especially in those type of outfits. It’s up to you to look good. Mix it up and experiment some more. You can’t find what suits you just by looking at pictures or wearing what others wear. There needs to be a flow and a personal feel to match it.


As a man, you need to have a formal outfit ready at all times. And that means a suit.

Owning a suit is something more than owning a pair of pants,a jacket, and a shirt. It’s a personal statement. It’s a bold move. For people in the military their suit, their hat and so forth represents who they are, their role.

The firemen are wearing their suit knowing that today they may need to save lives and risk their own. So when wearing a suit a man needs to understand that he represents the respect he feels for himself and for the world. Of course owning a nice suit can be very expensive but think of it as a personal investment. I remember reading somewhere that a man who can wear a suit shows that he can bring food to the table,that he can take care of his family. Before going into any detail I just want to clear something out. The style is not just your clothes. it’s your presence and how to present your self. Clothing is the details but they are very important as well. I don’t like writing about stuff I don’t believe. I don’t like being very meticulous and materialistic because at the end of the day it’s not all that matters. But I can guarantee you that what you wear has a huge impact on a first impression or how people treat you, either or a job interview, or your work, you hanging out etc. Presidents and people with high roles understand that.


The Suit

Color: Choose a color that looks good on you.makes you feel comfortable and makes you wear it with passion.
Fitting: When buying a suit make sure you buy it from a store where there are people who can measure you. Of course knowing your own measurements can help but never take a chance into buying a suit that it’s either too tight or too big. Having the exact fit will help you show your body if you have a nice,muscular body,or help you look leaner and slimmer if you have a few more pounds.
Here are some tips, taken from The Handbook of Style:

  • Natural Shoulder: Keep it fairly natural too much padding makes the suit look like it’s wearing you.
  • Notched Lapel: Your lapel speaks volumes. A small, high notch right on the collarbone is the mark of a killer suit,a minor detail that makes you off the peg suit look closer to the bespoke.
  • Fitted Waist: The jacket should have some fit to it in the waist area to give your body a more dynamic shape.
  • Simplicity: The more streamlined the details the more widely you will be able to wear it.Avoid extra pockets and flamboyant stitch detailing.
  • Trousers: Fat-front trousers are considered more modern, but pleats will be a touch more forgiving should your waistline expand over time. A cuff’s added weight keeps your pants creases sharper. A cuff should be between  one and a half and one and three-quarters inches in height.
  • The shirt cuff: A quarter to a half-inch of shirt cuff should always be visible.Maintaining this is one of life’s greatest challenges.And the sleeve should rest a half inch below your wrist bone.
  • The collar: The collar of you jacket should sit well on the shoulders and not buckle or pucker, stand away from or conceal your shirt collar. One-half inch of shirt collar should be visible at the back.
  • The jacket length: The bottom hem should be level with your knuckles.(Or,alternatively,it should be just long enough to cover your rear).

This is just a few tips written in The Handbook of Style:A man’s guide to looking good by Esquire which have been the inspiration for this article.I suggest you buy that book if you care about looking your best and you can spend a few bucks for knowledge.

  • Shoes: are of your choice. Make sure you buy some classic black dress shoes or some nice deep brown ones.If you feel very confident buy white ones.Remember that your belt should always match your shoes. So black shoes-black belt, brown shoes-brown belt. White shoes eh black belt.
  •  Shirt: When wearing a classic black suit I prefer wearing a classic white oxford shirt.It’s just simple,easy and classic. If you feel comfortable that you can pull another color off then you go ahead and do that. Now if we talking about different color suits then you can always mix it up. My navy deep blue suit goes great with a nice blue white-spot shirt or a nice light blue shirt. A great gray suit goes perfectly with either white or a black shirt. It’s all great just know when it’s enough. Simplicity is key.


End Part 2

Marios Kanellos

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