Meet Our Team

An organization is nothing without the members that support it. Likewise, Papers Of Thought is nothing more than a name without our valuable and creative team.

Marios J. Kanellos

Creative Director

Marios Ioannis Kanellos is a young man, with a lot of passion. He believes that self-acceptance is the cornerstone of man's journey. Some of his core beliefs are:
- Always test your core beliefs
- Intuition is the highest form of guidance.
- Simplicity, Patience, Compassion, and Humility.

Dimitris Kanellos


Dimitris Kanellos is an active, creative and ambitious person that never compromises his personal values but rather wants to achieve his goals based on his qualities and abilities. In his personal life, he enjoys exercising, reading and spending time with his loved ones amongst other things.

Jim Kalligas

Web Designer

Jim Kalligas is a 26-year-old web designer from Aigio, Greece. He is a passionate creator who loves simplicity in things and crafts beautiful user interfaces with love. When he is not moving pixels around he loves shooting photographs and videos, playing various sports and riding his bike. Oh and...he is also known as a coffee junkie, his creativity depends on it.

Argiro Efthimiopoulou


Argiro is a student of Translation and Interpreting in Corfu who shares her love for foreign languages, dance and acting. The island she lives in has filled her with more passion for life and new adventures. Her main characteristics are her willingness to hear and help others solve their problems, her enquiring mind and her ideas in case of trouble.

Lydia Chrysoula


Lydia is an Oxford Brookes graduate with a bachelor degree in Nutrition Science, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Zumba Instructor.