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As one of the million kids born in the 90s who grew up to be a millennial, we can all agree that technology is a huge part of my and most likely your life’s as well. From using our phone for something as simple as setting our alarm clock to wake up in the morning, to recording a video with a camera to upload that same video on the internet while connecting with thousands of people daily, through social media.

Recently I came across two videos regarding technology. The two videos pictured a polar  opposite vision of what technology will be in the future and how it will affect us human beings. The first one was released by Google showing the abilities of a human size robot called Atlas Robot owned by Google, created by Boston dynamics. The robot is truly extraordinary, being able to even run and react to motion. The second video is a project created in Greece produced, directed by Greek people starring Greek actors. The forementioned video projects the possibilities regarding the negative outcome that technology can have on our world.

Watching those two videos I decided to write about something that has been crossing my mind for quite some time. Will technological evolution evolve our species or decimate our existence?  Will it have a positive or negative effect on our lives and how can the past and present viewed by the usage of the Two Polar Opposite Perspectives?

The Good, The Great

Starting off with The Good I would like to point out a few areas that technology has been and is still positively affecting our lives:

  • Communication. Who could have imagined 100 years ago that you could speak to your loved ones, connect with anyone no matter the time or the place using your cell phone or your computer to either say something as simple as ”Hi” or spread your message across the globe?
  • Health: All the machines that have been created, all the scans and the prevention methods that help us treat almost everything. Without an MRI machine and scan, rehabilitating my dislocated shoulder would be a lot tougher.
  • Information & Knowledge: You can read a book on your mobile phone, you can learn things by watching a video on Youtube, you can listen to you favorite speech on your car while driving to work. Spreading and accumulating knowledge is easier than ever before, with the prime example of Wikipedia.
  • Business: When you build your business in today’s world you can promote your project and work on so many different levels and platforms that an entrepreneur in the 1920s could only dream of. Mr Selfridge would sure make everything out of it.
  • Transportation: Cars, Trains, Planes, Metro, are just a few ways of to get from one place to another. One thing they all have in common aside from moving your body is, they all evolve as technology evolves making our life a lot easier with each new level.

Pointing out just a few areas we can easily understand how in essence our whole way of living is being greatly helped by the Evolution of Technology. An evolution that evolves us as well.

Taking all this, it is very easy to understand and envision that life can be much, much greater in the next few decades taking us to what I like to call The Great of Technological Evolution.


Just a few things right from the top of my head are:

  • Space Travel. Living in other planets. Creating stations where populations can grow and prosper witnessing the magnificence on Existence.
  • Exploring the Universe. Entering different dimensions, exploring all the different galaxies and finding alien life.
  • Understanding the DNA Code.
  • Being able to replace or recreate organs, lost limbs, prevent diseases from happening and cure the ones that already kill million of people.
  • Inventions can be unlimited especially with the current pace all the way from Smartphones, Tablets, Super Computers, Satellites and whatever people can imagine.

All the ideas and possibilities are amazing but scary at the same time. We can go on and on resulting in something being projected only in a movie right now, with Technology creating the future of our dreams. With that being said, there is a strong chance that what Jason Silva says about us Becoming Gods may turn out to be true no matter how farfetched it may now feel.

End Part 1 

Marios Kanellos

Author Marios Kanellos

Marios holds a degree in Political Science & History. He is also a certified NASM CPT & CES AND FMS Level 1 Coach. His personal study is primarily focused on health, exercise, spirituality, and business with soul.

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