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In the previous article, I pointed out a few of  the innumerous goods that technology has offered, still offers and can offer to our world. If you missed the first part of the article feel free to check it Here.

Having said that I would like to stir the ship to an opposite direction expressing a different, darker and more chaotic perspective in regards to how technological evolution is and can possibly affect us in a negative way.


The Bad & The Ugly

It’s in our nature as human beings to create and destroy. So no matter how many positive creations we come up with, there will always be enough destruction to match them.

“Man is capable of as much atrocity as he has imagination.”

William Parcher




Technology has always been a huge part of war. In truth,  it’s the main reason why people started inventing weapons in the first place. From chopping a tree to make a stick with a blade on top of it to understanding the different particles and creating atomic and uranium bombs, capable of destroying whole countries and decimating their whole life force.


 Human Behavior


Obsession & Dependency

People have become obsessed with the Internet, with social media, many of them promoting a fake personality instead of representing the one they truly are. In exchange, they gain more likes, shares, and followers. A false fame and a wrong sense of purpose.

Our phones, computers, devices are a huge part of our lives. That’s not necessarily a problem. The problem is our attitude. You see we don’t stop when we go out, as we are still using a lot. How many times have you checked your phone while you were out with your friends, checking your social media accounts? How many times have you checked in your position via Facebook? When was the last time you really experienced something without taking a pic of it or snap chatting it? Recently I stayed three days at Patras in Greece for the annual carnival festivities in which I took part. While the experience was surreal, it didn’t stop me from noticing how everyone, anywhere we went, spent a fair amount of their time on their cell phone instead of meeting new people and having a good time. Besides how many times have you caught yourself alone waiting for somebody? What’s the first thing you do? Do you look around, noticing all the different people or do you immediately check your facebook news feed to hide your discomfort and awkwardness?

We must ask those questions and remind ourselves that our devices are not to be used in excess. At the same time, people forget their soul’s need for companionship, friendship love and having a good time. We are so busy with other things that we forget the finer things in life, that is to speak and have a great time with the people you love, doing the things you enjoy and working on your goals.


Propaganda, False News, Misinformation

As technology evolves it changes the ways to interact with people, spread the news, the different ideas and thoughts expand as well. That’s great because viewing different perspectives broaden your horizon. While that’s one case, there are other cases where information is used against people in the form of propaganda, false news, misinformation in order to stir people’s mind into a certain thought process, create emotions in line with the situation and get certain results. It’s an old trick mainly used in Politics and Marketing. With all the new Technological Improvements people can be brainwashed on all the different platforms, on Television with unwanted ads, notifications etc.




Sitting all day. Using your car way too much while not walking enough. Watching TV and eating junk food plus not exercising enough. Using your computer all day. When you finally shut it off, you feel detached from reality. You fall into bed in hope of getting a good night’s rest. That’s not the case since most of the time you wake up feeling like the broken radio, or you don’t sleep at all. The different pixels and screens cause damage to our brain, our vision our posture. Need I say more?

Rounding up the article I can not help but mention a mix of fear with conspiracy theories regarding a future where technological evolution won’t just degrade our lifestyle but more so, destroy human lives.


Freedom & Privacy


The violation of human rights, especially those of Freedom and Privacy are against the law and are constitutionally protected in most countries of the world. Unfortunately, that doesn’t reflect the real situation as human rights are violated every single day, especially in the Third World countries. With that being said there is a viable chance that people in power in the Western World may use that same power against people for the succession of their plans. That means the violation of our position, our cameras in computer and phones, our phone calls being recorded, our data being stored in files with our number for blackmailing and the story goes on. The possibility is rather small, mainly because most world leaders are actually decent people and not psychopaths.  Have the trait to be skeptical and question everything. Especially in the New Age. For your own good.


Artificial Intelligence


Finally, I would like to turn my focus on the creation of Artificial Intelligence.

Stephen Hawking warns that artificial intelligence could end mankind. And he is not the only one. Elon Musk and Bill Gates have also raised their concerns on this very important issue. We all have seen a futuristic movie whether that is The Terminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix and so on. I’m not one to believe in crazy or paranoid theories but I like to examine different perspectives and find the truth. Something I learned from studying Socrates. So it would be wrong on my behalf if I was to flat out give no thought, to what the defects, Technology can have on human living if scientists manage to create artificial intelligence in the next decades/centuries. It may turn out to be something extremely positive, where robots can offer their services, companionship, friendship, help, especially to older people and those in need. Or it can turn into something very bad where the machines stop obeying us and start living on their own terms. Either by destroying us or choosing to live in peace. Of course, robots are programmed with Code and follow a set of ‘patterns’ making it impossible for them to follow their own will as they don’t have one. But what if they evolve?

Only Time can Tell.

Marios Kanellos

Author Marios Kanellos

Marios holds a degree in Political Science & History. He is also a certified NASM CPT & CES AND FMS Level 1 Coach. His personal study is primarily focused on health, exercise, spirituality, and business with soul.

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